A Flock of Seagulls–I Ran (So Far Away) (1982)

I Ran (So Far Away)/Pick Me Up (A. Score, P. Reynolds, M. Score, F. Maudsley) Jive Records VS 102 June 1982 Lineup at the time: Mike Score—Lead Vocals, keyboards Frank Maudsley—Bass Guitar Ali Score—Drums Paul Reynolds—Lead Guitar There are a lot of things that bring a song to major popularity. In the case of A more

Michael McDonald–I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time Your Near) (1982)

Sunday was Michael McDonald’s 65th birthday, and wanted to take a moment to recall a few things that we have in common. No…I’ve never met the man, but he hails from Ferguson, Missouri which is in the northern part of the St. Louis metro area. I was raised in High Ridge, Missouri which is in more