A, D and G–The Great Performer (1974)

The Great Performer (Gregory Reel)/Check Out Your Friends (Gregory Reel)

Denine Records DPI 5001 (Out of New York City)

Producer on both sides: Bert De Coteaux (also arraigned and conducted strings)



This is one of those songs where we have several pieces of the puzzle, but nothing more. We don’t know any of the members of the vocal group, but they must have attracted some attention since they were produced by the great producer Bert De Coteaux (real name: Norbert Montage De Coteau). Denine Records was out of New York City, but we don’t have much more to go on than that. If you have any info that we can share, I’ll be sure to give you credits for the info of course.

One thing about the record itself. There is a great musical hook, probably chosen by Mr. De Coteaux. Each time the group sings, “The Great Performer….” It’s followed by silence and two sandblocks rubbing against each other. It makes what is a fairly ordinary song distinctive.