A Bullet for Fidel–The Very Last Day Of Fall (1995)

A brief explanation of what I am doing and why I’m doing it….

Some of you might remember a blog with this name about six or seven years ago. It was mostly about telling stories concerning popular (and not so popular) songs and artists. This time around I am wanting to do the same thing…with a twist.

You see about 10 years ago now, my wife Tracey and I released OUR CD. It turned out to be spread about among friends and curious folks who found it intriguing that a middle aged couple would want to write and record pop music. What many admired, but were afraid to investigate for themselves were their own passions. Most of us have them, but time or other considerations have forced them into life’s cupboard …perhaps for that right time that never comes, but we chose to follow them anyway. It has not been easy, but to look back over the artistic pursuits that we aimed for then, and now in our works, which has gone far beyond just music, remind us that doing what fires your artistic soul is never a fruitless endeavor.

It occurred to me that in this country alone, there are literally thousands of people with thousands of stories to share musically. Some got caught up in the fresh early days of rock and roll, or perhaps followed their gypsy soul through the 60’s and 70’s. Many attempted to bang out political statements in the late 70’s or glammed it up in the 80’s. Most never had a chance to make it big, although some came closer than you might think. Some had a passion for the music and expressing themselves, while others just wanted the lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock and roll, and just like other pursuits in life, some live to tell the tales, others do not.

I want to tell these stories, and share the music that was the result of those passions. Some of it you won’t like. Some of it will surprise and delight you. Some might bring back memories of bands you remember in high school and were huge where you lived, but never got that break. This is a reminder that popularity wasn’t a result of just talent, but a bit of serendipity or just plain luck.

Someday , someone might come across our CD and wonder what it was that caused us to do what we did. I think that those who have attempted this course, either as a lark, or a passionate pursuit deserve to be heard again.

Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy these songs as they are presented.


The Last Day of Fall (Brian DiPlacido)/100 Songs (Brian DiPlacido)

Scat Records 51

July 1995

A Bullet for Fidel (which may or may not be named for the Nick Carter book of the same name) is the moniker for Brian DiPlacido who released this as the first single off his album, “Cold Before Morning”. He chose the songs for the album out of 60 he had written for the project. All but two of the songs was just his voice and the guitar. At the time of this album he was working to get his state licensing exams. A brief look through the internet seems to show that he is still in the medical field.