A Brothers Guiding Light Featuring David–Getting Together (1973)

Mercury 73389 May 1973

Getting Together (Vince Montana, M. Dorn, K. Smith)/Sweet Stuff (R. Matico)


Have you heard a song before and despite never actually hearing it before, you go immediately in your mind to a special time and place? This is the case for me with “Getting Together”. With the first few seconds, it’s early 70’s….Philly Soul. The sound is distinctive and gets you moving, even for a led-foot like me.

The “David” in question here is David Morris Jr., who despite certainly having the vocal chops is only known on the charts by the song, “Midnight Lady” which made it to the lower rungs of the R&B charts in the spring of 1976. Morris was a part of the classic Philly doo wop group, “The Dreamlovers”, and I cannot tell if this record was the last gasp of classic regional group, or if it was a solo outing with backup singers. The MFSB collective from the Sigma Sound Studio’s in Philadelphia lend a hand with some musical authenticity, and one of it’s members, Vincent Montana Jr. is doing the production.

All in all, it’s one of those songs that was a great example of Philly Soul which never saw the light of day.

The last I heard of Morris he had performing in Las Vegas, but can’t find a lot more. If you have some information to add, please comment, we’d love to hear information about Morris.