A Band–Lowly Worm (1979)


No Wave music was a step beyond the Punk Rock movement of the mid to late 70’s mainly in New York City (although never receiving that moniker until the early 80’s to describe it up against “New Wave” music). Instead of revising the rawness of old rock and roll, No Wave pushed the boundaries by experimenting with noise, dissonance and atonality, also dabbling in free jazz, funk and world music.

This single was the only one that I know of released by the band. Paul McMahon went on to follow his own drum beat, releasing 9 albums, writing and performing comedy, creating visual arts in several mediums, writing and other pursuits. Tiers has been prolific over the years with over 200 LP’s and CD’s under his belt as a performer and producer for artists such as Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., and Laurie Anderson. Moser has played in a variety of places, perhaps the best known being Peter Stampfel and the Bottle Caps

Lowly Worm (P. McMahon/Nancy Radloff)/No Love (W. Tiers

On Nancy Records out of New York City in 1979

Members: Paul McMahon–Vocals and Guitar

Wharton Tiers–Vocals and Guitar

Peter Moser–Drums

David McMahon–Organ

Joseph Gone–Bass